What is the origin of
Topin Wagglegammon?

The origin of Topin Wagglegammon is uncertain at best. Topin Wagglegammon in its current form, being that of The Niftiest Day of the Year, was first celebrated in 1998 in Montreal, Canada. It is uncertain, however, whether like so many other holidays and niftydays, Topin Wagglegammon evolved out of another, older day. The founders of Topin Wagglegammon are said to have discovered Topin Wagglegammon while engaged in a project to build a calendar where every day was an entertaining holiday, and to this end they uncovered the Daily Globe World Dates Archive, an immense listing of holidays as well as birthdays and deathdays of various celebrities and historical figures. One holiday from this list is believed to have been Topin Wagglegammon, or possible, "Toping" Wagglegammon. Records do not indicate whether the loss of the letter "g" was the result of poor reading or deliberate mis-spelling. In any case, few or no records today exist describing what exactly "Toping Wagglegammon" may have been, and the meaning and celebration of Topin Wagglegammon evolved utterly independently of whatever its predecessor holiday may have been about. Today, aside from a similarity of name, the two dates have nothing in common, and Topin Wagglegammon is the more widely celebrated and venerated.

When this calendar of holidays was being constructed in 1998, the name "Topin Wagglegammon" was chosen to be the Niftiest Day of the Year for one simple reason: it was very fun to say. It was a name which lent itself readily to being a day for enjoying silliness. This was supplemented by the fact that the name was unencumbered by any pre-existing meaning. This made it an ideal choice to become a day which was special simply for being fun to pronounce.

The most important part of the origin of any holiday, however, is not its creation, but its perpetuation. Hundreds of holidays and niftydays are created every year and then promptly forgotten; a day becomes truly special only if people remember to celebrate it again and again. Down through the years, those who love Topin Wagglegammon have taken efforts and pains to look forward to it, to mark it, and most importantly, to celebrate it. What makes Topin Wagglegammon a truly special day is the fact that for more than a decade, people have made an effort to make it a special day. As long as people remember and love Topin Wagglegammon and the ideals it celebrates, Topin Wagglegammon will remain the Niftiest day of the Year.

Topin Wagglegammon

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