How do you celebrate
Topin Wagglegammon?

Topin Wagglegammon is celebrated in many different ways in many different places. As a niftyday which celebrates individuality and creativity, Topin Wagglegammon is celebrated somewhat differently by everybody. There is only one "rule" as to how Topin Wagglegammon gets celebrated each year, which is known informally as the "Calvinball Principle." This principle states that Topin Wagglegammon must never be celebrated the same way twice. While this rule has been more or less held to over, the years, subsequent thinkers have amended the Calvinball Principle with three addenda: Topin Wagglegammon must never be celebrated the same way twice in a row, if anybody's watching, if anybody remembers what we did last year.

From year to year, Topin Wagglegammon has been variously celebrated with ersatz religious gatherings, wild parties, game nights, and quiet tea parties. Certain elements have been found to recurr from year to year and have therefore made their way into the public conciousness as "ways we usually celebrate Topin Wagglegammon." Some of these ways include:

Everyone, of course, is encouraged to find their own way to celebrate Topin Wagglegammon each year. Celebrations can take almost any form, but as a general rule are done in good fun and without malicious intent. Trickery is encouraged but pranking is not. Above all, however one chooses to celebrate the niftyday, it should bring warm smiles (and perhaps a bit of confusion) to everyone it touches.

Topin Wagglegammon!

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