The Royal Court
Prince Of Some SortJake Dean
Princess of the Inquisition and Video gamesMonica Warwick
Holy Princess of Irrational and Imaginary NumbersBrandon Luci
Court WizardDarth Nicolai
The Imperial Shire Reeve I.B. Gready
King's High Bailiff of all the bailiwicks I.B. Gready
Constable of the imperial constabulariesI.B. Gready
156.5 In line of Peerage I.B. Gready
Lord Protector of Aerica's Hitherto Unheard of Tyrolean Puppet StateFeragorn Atreides
Court MusicianBrandon Luci
Court JesterHugo Crick-Furman
Procrastinator RoyaleHugo Crick-Furman
Official Royal PeonXavier O'Shaughnessy
Puppet MasterMonica Warwick
Lordes, RoyalePenguin 808
Prince Simon the DestroyerSimon Teece, aka The Doctor
King's Evil Power-Craving Half-BrotherWilliam Signs