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The Colony of Parrwater is nearly universally accepted as the newest Imperial Colony. Parrwater was annexed by the Aerican Empire on 4 May 2008; the land formerly belonged to the Canadian Federation. The colony has defined boundaries, and includes the Parr Reservoir. Upon the acceptance of Parrwater as a colony, the town of Castor, Alberta, which previously held sovereignty over the Reservoir, was shocked by the annexation. A population base is currently being established, and Senatorial elections are scheduled for as soon a time as a suitable population can be found.

Parrwater's border are:
1. 52°13'51.64"N, 111°53'49.36"W thence to
2. 52°13'54.04"N, 111°53'53.93"W thence to
3. 52°13'51.23"N, 111°53'57.33"W thence to
4. 52°13'44.55"N, 111°53'58.50"W thence to
5. 52°13'39.66"N, 111°53'57.45"W thence to
6. 52°13'32.97"N, 111°53'51.23"W thence to
7. 52°13'26.66"N, 111°53'54.99"W thence to
8. 52°13'22.24"N, 111°53'51.49"W thence to
9. 52°13'19.24"N, 111°53'53.03"W thence to
10. 52°13'11.74"N, 111°53'36.61"W thence to
11. 52°13'8.87"N, 111°53'41.28"W thence to
12. 52°13'8.22"N, 111°53'37.43"W thence to
13. 52°12'54.43"N, 111°53'37.78"W thence to
14. 52°12'52.82"N, 111°53'30.44"W thence to
15. 52°12'54.40"N, 111°53'29.51"W thence to
16. 52°12'55.80"N, 111°53'35.56"W thence to
17. 52°12'59.14"N, 111°53'31.75"W thence to
18. 52°13'2.49"N, 111°53'35.23"W thence to
19. 52°13'8.94"N, 111°53'34.65"W thence to
20. 52°13'11.80"N, 111°53'33.25"W thence to
21. 52°13'17.70"N, 111°53'44.93"W thence to
22. 52°13'23.48"N, 111°53'46.91"W thence to
23. 52°13'26.47"N, 111°53'50.99"W thence to
24. 52°13'31.84"N, 111°53'43.31"W thence to
25. 52°13'40.58"N, 111°53'53.80"W thence to
26. 52°13'49.94"N, 111°53'53.68"W.