Imperial Information Desk
Issue 272
New Citizens Welcomed: [August 29]
Aerica welcomes Axel Culié, Heath Fleishman, Maher KHEDER, Maëlys Feierblumm, Bridgid Lovemore-Kilgour, Zeil Chen, Andrew Kilgour, Evgeniy Baranov, Jun An YANG, ÜLGEN, Gabin Loisel, Benjamin Richards, Théo Bonet, and Busca Jugg.

Aerica Leaves the Microfrancophonie: [August 26]
With much regret, the Aerican Empire has chosen to leave the Microfrancophonie. Although the Empire has greatly enjoyed its time as a member of the OMF, the decision was made that it was time to leave. The Empire intends to maintain the close friendships which it has developed with many of the OMF's member micronations.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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