Imperial Information Desk
Issue 264
New Citizens Welcomed: [December 20]
Aerica welcomes Christopher D. Karper Sr., Jace Chen, Anatoli Emin Mert, Antoine Nguyen, Olivier Angiboust, jon, Dumbass, Pedro Vítor Alves Rafael Chaves, Meehigh, Bricktop Plouc, Lord Garok, David Atkins, Marc Castella, Chang Ming Chuan Sakura, Maleesha Kovnesky, Gaia, Roy Pigeon, Jason A Reed, and Cory Reichwell.

New Diplomatic Contact: [December 2]
Aerica has extended full diplomatic recognition to the State of Vishwamitra.

Aerica Signs the Montediszamble Convention: [December 1]
The Aerican Empire has signed the Montediszamble Convention on Freedom of Expression, Civility and Copyright Protection in Micronationalism. This document commits to promoting free speech in micronational forums, while also committing to blocking speech which becomes uncivil, hateful, or calls for violence. It is the signatories' hope that this document will promotoe polite, constructive discussion between and within nations while also denying a forum for hate speech.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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