Imperial Information Desk
Issue 261
New Citizens Welcomed: [September 28]
Aerica welcomes 云霄, Braxton, Logan Hancock, Pogradecari, Abraham Daniel HERNÁNDEZ PEÑA, Antonio Carlos Carlos Machado, Jr., Flying Spaghetti Monster, Christian Fras, Loïc Stevenin, Navi Zheng, Jay Patel, Jeaux D'Avila, Jacob Keen, LanFrankWan, and Leon Dagge.

Interim Senate elections are ongoing! Nominations are now closed.

Chompsville Sarthak Rastogi Single candidate; winner
Earth Ravishankar N S Single candidate; winner
Mars Randy Ostendorf Move on to voting
Nastrofaction Move on to voting
Kurt Fuchs Move on to voting
Parrwater Dexter Watson Move on to voting
Aden Move on to voting
Psyche Sean Austin Single candidate; winner
Verden Justin Walters Move on to voting
Logan Payne Move on to voting
Fred Messervy Move on to voting
There will now be a period of campaigning, until September 12th, after which time voting will open.

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