Imperial Information Desk
Issue 260
Following the recent Culling of the Inactive, several Senate Seats have opened up. Given that there is still well over a year remaining until the Senate Elections are due, Raven, the President of the Senate, has decided that interim elections will be held to fill the vacant seats.

From today, you have two weeks to nominate, either yourself or someone else to the Senate. Nominations will close at Midnight on Saturday August 29, Australian Eastern /standard Time. The period from August 30th to September 12th shall be for campaigning, after which, voting shall take place.

To nominate, simply contact us.

The vacant seats are:
Chompsville: 1
Earth: 2
Mars Colony: 1
Microvia: 1
Northern Plutopia: 1
Parrwater: 1
Psyche: 1
The Pasture: 1
Verden: 2
Yackbard: 1

You must currently be a citizen of the colony you wish to nominate for, or be prepared to migrate there.

Good Luck Everyone – let the silliness begin!!

New Citizens Welcomed: [August 23]
Aerica welcomes Tellervo Mansikkamaa, Max, Will, Muhammed Yasir, Framboise Sandeau, Danela Mae Agpaoa, A1chef, Alexander Emil Haarlev Schmidt, Charon, Gustav Palowski, Gustav Palowski, Jayden Smaak, Gianmario Ricciardi, William Lau, Savely Kamenev, Ryan Andersson, Matias Menabue, Kevin Bouge, Corwin Ilsanor, Larry Gonzalez, Mitchell Gomez, Rickle The Pickle, Sir Amritangshu Goswami, and Paul Jerry.

Aerican Seer Agency: [August 1]
As of the first of August 2020, the Aerican Empire has inaugurated the Aerican Seer Agency, a department under the umbrella of the BOO tasked wih regulating and overseeing individuals with extranormal perceptions. . For details, check out this page!

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