Imperial Information Desk
Issue 259
New Citizens Welcomed: [July 27]
Aerica welcomes Alexander Putincev, James, Soulus, Atlas Pauley, Dilly Mackey, Gator Bodine, Leena Gemini, Raven Woolpers, Meg, Timur, Onkar Singh, Jean Hubert Delabatte, Sarthak Rastogi, Bob Epic Yeet, Draco Tenebrus, Waltz, Ahmed Glever, Lillie, Aitor Ansotegui, Musienko, Steve, and Carmelo Iannello.

Culling of the Inactive: [July 1]
The Culling of the Inactive 2020 is now closed. For details, check out this page!

Holidays and Niftydays:

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