Imperial Information Desk
Issue 258
New Citizens Welcomed: [June 28]
Aerica welcomes Oleksandr Matveyev, Nikolay, Samanyu Ahuja, Jeremy Beatson, Simone Gerloni, Paolo Gerloni, King Candy, Jooh Danny, Kilambi Rohit, Bert Van Tol, Mauricio Pineda Jr., Ece Oener, Olivia Johnston, Caroline Breedon, Artem Voronenko, Георгий, Junkai Zhang, Bondarenko Maxim Sergeevich, Ángel Gabriel Samperio, Polystélaire, Dave Fekete, Krysia Heathcote, Justin Panet-Raymond, Andy casler, and Sypretes.

New Diplomatic Contact: [June 21]
Aerica has extended full diplomatic recognition to the Jusin Republic.

Culling of the Inactive: [June 1]
In the month of June, the Aerican Empire conducts the Culling of the Inactive. All citizens who joined before March 1st, 2020 are required to write to or otherwise contact the government before July 1st to confirm that they remain active and are still monitoring their registered e-mail address. Failure to reply to this letter will result in loss of citizenship.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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