Imperial Information Desk
Issue 256
New Citizens Welcomed: [April 27]
Aerica welcomes Stina Nance, Swann le rajel, George Twinn, Rakukan Makiyama, Jose Andres Tovito, Christophe Leroux, Saumik Sharma, Karma-Neimi, L'homo, Yuen Ho Wai, Alexey, Zachary Standig, Chidera, Andrea Patacchiola, Ironochk, Daoudi Aymane, Sebastian, Giuseppe Mocci, Costastophysics Quantic GIOKAS, Fred Lee, and Plangji Jason Yakubu.

New Diplomatic Contact: [April 21]
The Empire has extended full diplomatic recognition to the Great Chi Empire.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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