Imperial Information Desk
Issue 255
New Citizens Welcomed: [March 29]
Aerica welcomes Daniel Alexander Lolis, Palta or dolan, Trixie's Dutchess, Shipud, Ilya Ostapenko, 王怀印, Lord Daniel, John, Ruby, Jesse, StevenBobbyLin, Ed the 13th, Yuan Wenhao, Kieran Frankland, Zheng Chang Peng, Randy Ostendorf, Yann, Christian Pascal, Andrés Joel Salfina, Ratan Kumar patel, Cap Taylor, Rishabh Saxena, William, Maxime, Ray Richtender, 李茂琪, and Carver Neuendorf.

New Treaty: [March 8]
Aerica has signed a treaty of recognition with Dracul.

New Diplomatic Contact: [March 1]
Aerica has extended full diplomatic recognition to the Republic of Rino Island.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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