Imperial Information Desk
Issue 237
New Citizens Welcomed: [September 26]
Aerica welcomes Luis Miguel N. Martins, Morgan Tong, Samantha Andrews, Tristan B Harvey, Mhd Wesam Alaya, Eren Yorulmaz, Ramesh kumar, Bobby Jones Jr, Joshua Lee, Muhammad Yasin, Sharon Atwell, Bo Wang, Loki Zhang, Debjeet Ghosh, Libby Antonelli, Asif Mehmood Malik, Shoaib Hassan, Drew Seeley, Eileen McGhee, Edi, Lucas Brown, and Docsam.

New Minister Appointed: [September 26]
Docsam has been appointed the new Minister of Health for the Aerican Empire. He brings to the Empire a long history of working within the health field and the government is excited to welcome his new contributions.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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