Imperial Information Desk
Issue 229
New Citizens Welcomed: [January 29]
Aerica welcomes King Ethan I "the Diplomat", SmallKing, Even Fallet, John, Tei, Jager Turbodoom Mcplops, Kolton Shann Hall, Ælgo, Anna, Antoine Paris, Albert Qayyum Makhtar, Rapha, Joshuah Ryan, Travis Jonathon Taylor, Will Atkins, Dexter Watson, Grand-Marshal Daniel of The FRC, Telejaye Oladapo Adesayo, Trenton Newman, Navodeep Dutta, Robert Pâté Jr, The Glorious General Raj, Fatih Tac, Life Burrito is Back, Brian Thomas Maximillian Wattelet, Arthur The Great, Bohui Lu, Eias Piee, Fahad Ahmad Khan Lodhi, Nico Torres, VegetaZander, Leonardo Cinelli, Jay Luna, Tim, Jonathan, Cedrus Scott MacAlpine, Super, Romulus, Tyler Joseph, Formoso de La Salle, Zosimo de la Salle, and Superard.

New Ambassador Appointed: [January 1]
Savelii has been appointed the new Ambassador to Russia. Although Russia and the Aerican Empire do not yet have formal relations and have never initiated formal communications, it is hoped that this appointment will be a step towards improving relations between our two nations.

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