Imperial Information Desk
Issue 228
New Citizens Welcomed: [December 23]
Aerica welcomes Cooper Giffen, Pulkit Goyal, Savelii, Simon Roy, Young Clorox, Matthew Chrisitan, Emma "Melman the Giraffe" Williamson, Osty Goat, A7-B4, Mettius Fufetius, Lucius J. Fernbagger, Esq., Caleb Atchison, Alex Maskery, Eric Struble, Abdullah, Matthew Wilton, Siham Benzide, Ben Lewis, Nico Solace, Issac, and Curros K..

New Diplomatic Contact: [December 16]
Aerica has extended diplomatic recognition to the Principality of Egan.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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