Imperial Information Desk
Issue 223
New Citizens Welcomed: [July 27]
Aerica welcomes Misha Minto, Saifullah Khan, Joyce, Daro Sim, Bill Cosby, Kamil Fatih Kesova, Thaemus Alexandersson, Alperen gürbüz, River Ravenscroft, Clothilde Goujard, Ark Narain, Michael, Chris Sevastakis, Wasabi of Yackbard, Wolfie D, Eli Harvey Irwin Crowley, Waldilier Ayres Canuto, Allan Ballan, Ra'ees Richards, Daniel Cataloni, Jacobina de Rivera, and Ronnie Ngo-Bahdi.

New Diplomatic Contact: [July 3]
Aerica has extended full diplomatic recognition to Winthroopstan.

Culling of the Inactive: [July 1]
The Culling of the Inactive is now over. The results can be viewed here.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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