Imperial Information Desk
Issue 215
New Citizens Welcomed: [November 27]
Aerica welcomes Akkord the Tiger, Sazuko Hiriyama, Mikayla Solis, Sambhav Jain, Mary Ar, Castitis Lilium, Mark-Allen Spencer, Adri Briseno, Launa Toth, Ashur, Scallywag05, Vincent Briot, Bacon, Tchaikovsky Johannsen A. P. J. L. Z. H. Lins, Meredith Randall, Thomas Andreas Gavriel, Natmahuatl, Ryan Maclean, Bladimir Sócrates, Icelo Naro Fartrell, Wilk, Yona Niskanen, Travis Doto, Celeste Corrales, Luis Castro, and Ulf Adolfsson.

Supreme Court Appointments: [November 17]
Somwhat belatedly, a new Supreme Courst has been nominated. The new justices are Brandon Luci, Shaun Ferguson, Will, Ravishankar N S, Theresa Stuart, Me Myself, and Raven.

New Diplomatic Contact: [November 1]
Aerica has extended conditional diplomatic recognition to the British Empire.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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