Imperial Information Desk
Issue 214
New Citizens Welcomed: [October 26]
Aerica welcomes Max Chizhov, Florin Gheorghe Pirvu, KaaZ, Harambe, The mighty banana, Mario Pasquirolo, Gunther Kruger, Cory Parsons, Vladimir Iliescu Rostopovich, André Rodríguez Reta, Andras Gombkoto, Cole Malouin, Arabelle caprice, Sergio Rodrigo Toledo Kusturica, Life Burrito, Olaosebikan Omosegbon, Jeremiah Kettlebell, Senator Spectrum, Jakson Ripoll, and Mudbath McGrath.

New Diplomatic Contact: [October 15]
Aerica has extended conditional diplomatic recognition to Tower City State.

Interim Senate Elections: [October 1]
Interim Senate elections are now over. As only one nomination was made, there ended up being no formal elections, and Steven Pollak was acclaimed as a new Senator for Earth.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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