Imperial Information Desk
Issue 213
New Citizens Welcomed: [September 25]
Aerica welcomes Vinicius Maffei, Menta Lee IL, Knight Qui-Gon, Protector of the Realm, Ali Shad, Baleze Emery, Noah Berlow, Celine De Luca, Ravishankar N S, Robert Wayne Hobbs II, Ian Matias Mauas, Vishal "Sweet Prick" Bharathraj, Emperor Paul, Andrea Patawan Eltanin, Niccolò, and Francisco de Jesus Davila Quintanilla.

Interim Senate Elections: [September 7]
Nominations are now open for elections to several open Senate seats. To nominate yourself or someone else, contact the Emperor. The nomination period will end in two weeks and will be followed by elections. The following seats are open:
Earth (1 seat)
Mars (1 seat)
Parrwater (2 seats)
Psyche (1 seat)
Yackbard (1 seat)

New Diplomatic Contact: [September 3]
Aerica has extended conditional diplomatic recognition to New Roomadia.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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