Imperial Information Desk
Issue 211
New Citizens Welcomed: [July 26]
Aerica welcomes Emily Barbara, King Crisp, Gage Nichols, Henrique dos Santos Mosciaro, Man Styles, Deputy Ranger of the Outer Galaxies (aka Droog), Padishah Empress Kryten the 42nd, Kor'ar'Gar Supreme Orchicsh Commander of the Martian colonies on behalf of lords Malacath and the Big Flying Spaghetti Monster, Duke Bradham, Isael J Perez Vega, ElÍ AzarI DavidovicH KahlO, Joshua Plank, Sir Matthew Hoffman, and Jason Hatfield.

New Diplomatic Contact: [July 14]
Aerica has extended conditional diplomatic recognition to Kingdom of Jupiter and Greater Territories .

New Diplomatic Contact: [July 8]
Aerica has extended conditional diplomatic recognition to Nedland.

Mailing List Changes: [July 6]
Following the 2016 Culling of the Inactive, the Imperial mailing list will be moving from Yahoogroups to Google Groups. To subscribe, go to You will need a Google account to register.

Culling of the Inactive: [July 4]
The Culling of the Inactive is over. Results can be viewed here.

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