Imperial Information Desk
Issue 200
New Citizens Welcomed: [August 27]
Aerica welcomes Nico Alzate, Caesar, Lord Emmanuel of Luxembourg, EE Wildblood, Spejlaeg, Ketan Harish Pethe, Dra'Nakyuek Destroyer of Worlds, themapper30, Amalia Mercury P.-W. of Arkady-Celestia, Qaleb, Earl of Black Grapes and Grand Luxor of the Qalebite Qlan, Edgar Amadeus Dostoyevsky, Tenebrous Solo, Mestre Camilla, Niall Ward, Chaukai Yang, Michael F. Gaudiosi, Nadia Cassapian, Camila Augusto Carazzato, Ponyboy The Strong, G-String King, and Upright Man.

Interim Senate Elections: [August 9]
The first round of interim Senate elections are complete. Three new Senators have ascended to seats: Dmitry Krylov (Parrwater), Eham (Parrwater), and Dentarthurdent Baggins (Retsaot Island). As there remain seats open for Earth, Microvia, Psyche, and Yackbard, nominations will remain open until the end of August.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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