Imperial Information Desk
Issue 197
New Citizens Welcomed: [May 23]
Aerica welcomes TacTac, Barack Obama, Kyle Wu, Atomo, Le Goff Pierre, Mark Colley, Jamie Heneghan the Great, Shadow Anonymous, Cadu Moreita, Sir Sentigio, Huangfu Jiankun, Galvin the Great, Daluja Tunde, Rowland Smith, Adrien Calhoun, Aira Christine, Utkarsh Vats, Prashanta Neupane, and Orley Fenelon.

AERICA DAY: Coat of Arms! [May 8]
Aerica has formally adopted a new coat of arms.

AERICA DAY: Microvia! [May 8]
The colony of Microvia is welcomed into the Empire.

AERICA DAY: Stamps! [May 8]
For the first time, the Aerican Empire releases a run of stamps.

New Diplomatic Contact: [May 6]
Aerica has extended full diplomatic recognition to Tropico.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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