Imperial Information Desk
Issue 195
New Citizens Welcomed: [April 25]
Aerica welcomes Michael Meli, Don Brooks, Petra Sági, Bishop, Prince of the Northern Island of the Carribean in the outskirts of the Virgin Islands, Allies with the Japanese-Canadian Brigade, Son to the 47th Divisions Leader, Jarvan Herming the III, Alexander the II, P1T4G0R4S, Royce Hill, Ryan Lai‏, Multicolor Potato II, Roan Thibault, Ernest Castle, Mark Pomponi, Brandon Cate, Great Ka3bool, Wayne Coyle, Padawan Sloth‏, Giada Pia, Giulio Scremin‏, Verdiana Odoni, Lilith Inkmore-Black‏, Lauren Eshelman, and Fatima Jimenez.

New Diplomatic Contact: [April 22]
The Empire has extended conditional diplomatic recognition to L'Empire Iroisien.

New Colony Announced: [April 8]
The Senate has voted to accept a new colony, known as Microvia. Microvia will officially become a part of the Aerican Empire on May 8th, 2015. Watch the news page for further updates!

IDBAD Contest: [April 7]
The 2015 International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day Contest entries are now being judged. Congratulations to I.B. Gready, who was awarded first prize. Click here for details.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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