Imperial Information Desk
Issue 191
New Citizens Welcomed: [November 20]
Aerica Welcomes Imperator_Park conqueror of the Gravel pits!, Martholomew, Bartholomew, Lewa6291 the ruler of somewhere!!!!!, Smilla Bryndis Nomalanga, Bein the Baron of the wasteland, Thomas Fenton, Vatsal Trivedi, Gabrielio, Michael Baron IV, Alevenox, Mesut, Dado, Felix C. Duynveld, Aspen Reaves, Prany Ramer, Lord Declan Dyer, William Anderson, Zee, His Highness of the Clam Chowderland, Nick Steffen, Georgescu Alexandru Cristian, Zebreth Flensbury, Benjamin Keats, Master Chief Petty Officer John 117, Advarkian Abakanezer Who, Dennis Tito Rich, Orestes Paul, Harold Saxon, Mohammad Habbas, Stewart Robson, and Nastrofaction.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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