Imperial Information Desk
Issue 188
New Citizens Welcomed: [August 23]
Aerica Welcomes Andrew Willett, Eric Pitrell, Kevin Gómez Morteo, David Vorderman, M. A. C., Patricio Vicente De La Plaza‏, Johnny Cook, Kai Desu, Brendan Kirk "Da Beejees" Julian, the Socially Awkward, Mason Bray Hawkes, Tiago PoorArtist Moura, Hendrick Felipe França Vieira, Teddy, Sir Lucas Barth, Tanja Ruotsalainen, Muura Parkkinen, Genesis Colorful Lewison, Rodmar Zavala, Azkhael, and Giancarlo Chottogrosso.

New Diplomatic Contact: [August 23]
Aerican extends diplomatic recognition to the Independent Union of Barastan.

Supreme Court: [August 21]
A new Supreme Court has been appointed. For details, go here.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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