Imperial Information Desk
Issue 185
New Citizens Welcomed: [May 22]
Aerica Welcomes Alex Kelsey, Skye, SaiVenkatesh B MantiMashe, The Glorious Sammy, Dr. Pipenpapsolopsacopis (full name written on the Citizens Page), Gerardo Duke of Melesio, Charles Xerus, Kyle Edwards, Aeric HU, His Highness Samuel J Lerma III‏, Josep Adolf Martí, (name removed at individual's request) , Jesse Friedman, Claus Soendergaard, Mohy Eldin Josph, Billy Chai, Holy Irony, Ryan James Fleming, Lord Keith, and Ambassador James of theTemplars.

New Diplomatic Contact: [May 22]
The Empire has extended conditional recognition to the Empire of Arabacus.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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