Imperial Information Desk
Issue 176
New Citizens Welcomed: [August 25] Aerica Welcomes Polly Waffler, Firo Rosso, Airdoggy, Jesús Agustín Peñalver Gonzalez, Shadeclaw Fennec, Snow!, Lok Anson, Tara Sparks, Kolo Colossus, Vincent Gregory, Pedro Pippin, Adnan Charlesdale, Maximilian Murphy, Maria Alicia Pippin, Nicole Barajas, Michael Suchocki, Ergahrd Prichlint Jackoph, Patrick, Grzegorz Pawlik, and Jago of the 7 Knives.

New Diplomatic Contacts: [August 18]
The Empire has extended conditional diplomatic recognition to Nicolessylvania.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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