Imperial Information Desk
Issue 161
New Citizens Welcomed: [May 25]
Aerica Welcomes Liz BizBuzz, D. Patrick Schranck, Tatsuhiro, Joseph Burrage, Blade Hiltman, Leah Gimbutas, Saint Michal Of The Aerican Empire, Darwin's Fox, Cui-Lyn Huang, Adam Otis Samolsky, Chad Robinette, Jordan Race Marshall, Jessica Kline, Alex White, Michael Vance, Doctor sir William smith of Cambridge, Moldy Voldy, Assasin 888, Ben, Luke Walker, Black Cat, Rhys, and Stephen Samolsky.

The Colony of Yackbard: [May 8]
Today, the Aerican Empire officially accepts Yackbard as a colony of the Empire.

25th Anniversay Celebration: [May 8]
We're celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary! Click here to see how we're marking the occasion.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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