Imperial Information Desk
Issue 160
New Citizens Welcomed: [April 21]
Aerica Welcomes Paul MacGregor, Caio Ponce de Leon, Andrea Castello, Ryan Bradford, Philippus Noocratius, King Geoff III, Sophie Panek, Schmitts McCoy, Pierceokin Jones, Matt Chanin, King of Kumquats, and Pirulito Mendes, Professor St,.Longfellow of Cornwall, Andrew Hobson, Dr. Eustaquio Kirby, D.P.T., and Syracuse.

New Diplomatic Contact: [April 28]
The Empire has extended conditional diplomatic recognition to The Empire of Goodtopia and Muddywater Republic.

New Colony Update: [April 28]
aA winning colony proposal has been chosen! Go here for details.

New Colony Applications: [April 1]
International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day 2012: [April 1]
The proposals for new colonies have been received. Three proposals were submitted, and will be forwarded to the Senate for consideration.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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