Imperial Information Desk
Issue 16
LoSS Sec Gen Chosen
Thomas Leys is again at the reins of the LoSS following the voting procedures of the organization. Of the eleven votes cast, Leys himself won eight. "I would have liked to win," said Maron after reading the announcement. "But I knew my chances weren't great. I've been talking with Leys about taking on a position for LoSS PR anyway." Minister Glark, ambassador to the LoSS, could not be reached for comment, but left a prewritten statement saying "We tried, and failed, but we did try. No more could have been asked of us. Still, it was a success from a diplomatic standpoint, getting our name out as people who care."

New Citizens:
Aerica welcomes Conde Gochorrito'emiao, Niceguy, Tarabass, Equidoria Flynynmhryn, Johám Pin.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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