Imperial Information Desk
Issue 151
New Citizens Welcomed: [July 26]
Aerica Welcomes Math321, Alex the DarkLord, Tobias Damande, Elias "Mercenator" Bread, Lord Michael the generally Incompetent, Chris Porter, Sean Kenyon, Pope Purple Shoestring XII (Messiah-Elect), Alex Tate, Thames kolPot, Brian Boru "Indiana Papillon" Tchaikovsky III Pilgrim-Baxter-Benson, Raymond Christiw]e, Gavin Ailment, Jennie West, Billy Talley, Snowbe, Benjamin Eby, Chevy Hayley Hill, Perfect Little Dream, Kaylee Coats, Devin Earl Helle, Volk Zymoy, Joseph Zuercher, Chai Hai Light Anderson, Reverend Jesus H. Christ, SharkDog, The Kind That Hurts the Most, Somerled, Ali Murray, seo247, and Ceeay Darbosley.

Culling of the Inactive: [July 1]
The Culling of the Inactive is now completed. The data is currently being processed. See the results here.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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