Imperial Information Desk
Issue 149
New Citizens Welcomed: [May 26]
Aerica Welcomes Nocivus, Captain Starfish, Jacen, Lord Xavi, American_sucks_Aerica_rules, J.P. Mantilla, Fraac the Pawn, Sigmund Anu Azath-Thoth, Marchioness Phoebe, Rand al'Thor, David Alan Cohen, Caelum Rogers, Richard Bates, Noah Master of Duct Tape, Sam Biddulph, Rai Takemori, Kait the Late, Raheel Ahmed Gopang, Rafael Shertz, Uncle Rukus no relation, Turbo Butts, Michele Fransee, Jifysmac, MothMask friend of Akaxos, Edward Chamberlin, Brian Johnson, Drakos Francis, Lautaro, and Alex Kelly.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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