Imperial Information Desk
Issue 148
New Citizens Welcomed: [April 24]
Aerica Welcomes Ben Kaltenbach, Lord Blair Jack William Jacobs, Julia Trudel, Gliw Dream, Atezla The Hun, Rhyes Cantius Stigmartha, Jón karlsson nikoolhaas, Madam Rosary,, Pieterodactyl McRoodt,, Zeb Lanesbury, High Preistess of Sexy Fun Smoking Time, Maureen Kilroy, Sir, Opal Sound, Perpetual Student, Tridib Biswas, Kaitlyn, Altus, Solvay lun, Flipi 'Alcardu' Portman, Arthur Chase Shafer, Xavian Mars, Jeremiah Parks, Marvin Vance, and Robert Smith.

Imperial prosecutor Appointed: [April 24]
Bob Marley of Earth has been appointed the first Imperial Prosecutor. This new office is tasked with bringing charges against citizens suspected of commiting criminal acts within the Empire's borders.

New Diplomatic Contact: [April 9]
The Empire has extended conditional diplomatic recognition to the Honest Tea Nation.

Diplomatic Status Upgrade: [April 1]
Full diplomatic recognition has now been extended to the Republic of Lostisland.

Sixth Annual International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day Contest: [April 1]
The sixth annual International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day contest is now over. The posters can be seen archived here! The Aerican people voted, and picked the Emperor's submission, but since this poster was not eligible to win, the prize, an email address, was awarded to everyone who participated. Thank you to everyone who submitted a poster or who voted!

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