Imperial Information Desk
Issue 145
New Citizens Welcomed: [January 23]
Aerica Welcomes Rad Gore, William Shakespeare Lennon-McCartney Bogar-to-Biggio-to-Bagwell-3-4-5-Double-Play! Verizon Wireless Zappa Tiramisu Deathmachine the XVIII and 2/3rds the XVI, Jeffrey Duma, Karl-Johan Dykinte, His Lordship the Sultan of the Badassery, Ankit Srivastava, Commando Jack, Morgan Cronan, Nelson DeQueero, Andrea Sarasin, Jordi Oliveras, Cam Todd, Claire Hely, Nathanael Philip Howe, Ryan Mounce, Samuel Howard, Aryan, Philip Tallman, Penn Summers, Jacob Quentin Blandreth, Martin Verret, RMH, Nikita Boston, Arno Lesbryn, and Elise Brosnan.

New Treaty: [January 23]
Aerica has signed a treaty of friendship and mutual recognition with the Empire of Gordjan.

New Diplomatic Contacts: [January 19]
Aerica has extended full diplomatic recognition to the Empire of Gordjan.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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