Imperial Information Desk
Issue 144
New Citizens Welcomed: [December 27]
Aerica Welcomes Félix Guay, James Hoff, Maas van Steenbergen, Ignacio Andres Correa Marfull, Jaykitty Robehr, Tara Currin, Julius Crowley, Justine, Dan G., Callie Archibald, Arabella Matthews, Alexander Cossack the 5th, Nescentia, Ariel Richardson, Dick Awesome, El-Jay Hrairyu Inlé B-Minor, Naira Langenbach, Alex Wilson, Zaf, Bob Idioma, Fej Norsefire Namrog IV, Lee Brewer The King CREB, Christian Brodermann, Rachel Marie, Dan k, and Andreas Rauch.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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