Imperial Information Desk
Issue 143
New Citizens Welcomed: [November 25]
Aerica Welcomes Allison Wandalan, Victor Descain of Gilead, Dr. Acoo, Jafar Daniel, Jeremy Brooks, Kirk Kyle Jacinto, Bob Marley, Jake Farrell, Michael Boston, Nicholas Daithi Page Wilson, YesNinja de Pigboy, Michael Bronson, Corey Scott Burks, Kim Shephard, Professor Redman, Beef Wellington, Justin Roy, Michael Sullivan, Saverio Gamba, Irina Ivannicova, Hephaestus the Mad, Ixta Voxnid, Sara Guerrieri, Flex Fightmaster, Chizay, Josh Hopkins, Brenna, The Great Excelcior, Samar El-Khatib, and Matthew Cook.

Psyche Moves: [November 2]
(This text is reposted verbatim from the Aerican Mailing List, where it first appeared)
During a hastily called press conference at Castle Rose, home of the Senator Elect for Psyche, Brigadier General Knight Sir Raven, dropped a huge bombshell earlier this evening..... fortunately the only casualties were amongst the lawyers and used car salesmen who had snuck in - none of the beer supplies were disturbed.

Once the dust had cleared from this bombshell - the Brigadier delivered another:
"Fellow Psychotics - it is with pleasure that I announce that the boundaries of Psyche have been finally defined. For many years, the exact boundaries have been unclear - but now, thanks to some quick work while no-one was looking, and a few despotic dictator like decisions made by me on behalf of everyone else - the boundaries are once again solidified."

Once the shocked silence from the packed press gallery had subsided, the Brigadier continued: "The boundaries have in fact also been shifted - approximately 30 kilometres (as the Raven flies) to the North-West..... what was formerly known as Gellibrand Park in the northern outskirts of Melbourne have been "redefined" as the new Psyche Colony. We now occupy an area of over 700 hectares (1700 acres) of prime woodland, complete with wildlife, historic buildings, and a Bandicoot Sanctuary. As the terrestrial authorities think they still control the land, upkeep and maintenance will be minimal!!"

"Watch this space, as the Psychotic Government shall shortly be producing brochures for tourists, and for the information of the citizens of Psyche, showing the exact location, and attractions of our new demesne.... in the meantime - you can see the existing brochures here:
Another bonus is that it is directly adjacent to our international airport - so visitors have easy access!!"

And as if that was not enough - he announced that not only did Castle Rose have the two incumbent Princesses of the Rose - but now also boasted that the household had welcomed a new addition - Queen of the Yellow China Rose, Major Kishka Walker. As anyone who knows her is aware, the Major is gorgeous, sweet and witty, and considered an extremely good catch.......

The Senator assured the gathered press that any questions from bewildered Psychotics would be openly answered - and indeed welcomed feedback from them.... he then mounted his trusty white steed, and rode off down the hallway.....

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