Imperial Information Desk
Issue 141
New Citizens Welcomed: [September 26]
Aerica Welcomes Brenton W. Ho, Private Snowball, Michael Lilly, John the Seer, Vinnie Colitti, Ramon Snir, Glenn Earth, Eric 'Cerxi' Olson, Miguel Caldeira, Josh Meta, Calum Gillies, Zacharias the First, James Patrick Ashcroft, Virgil Duke, Vaty,a, Jonathan Gagnier, Marvero, Kent Bernard Michael Patrick Donnelly, Bradley Evans, Xaiver Illumante, John Travolta, David, Joanna McNeil, Wood Burger, Francis Trevor Silver, Malcolm Ricci, Eric, Christopher Laett-Babaock, Sen, Cthulhu, Todd Holtan, Connor Glick, Zolan Mort Hefler, Miss Tom Kitty, Em Shara, Punvati, Sarah Dorothy Hughes, Beardy The Fox, and Meeve.

New Diplomatic Contact: [September 26]
Aerica extends full diplomatic recognition to the Republic of Markland and conditional recognition to the Banana Republic of Can Orlantrix and the Republic of Lostisland.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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