Imperial Information Desk
Issue 138
New Citizens Welcomed: [June 27]
Aerica Welcomes Daniel Graf von Moltke, Plissken Deckard Fett, Drunkenbozo, Duke Nukem, The Doctor, Matthew Sheldon Frost, Metalface McNasty, Declan Scott, Michael Chato, Jordan Oliver, Michael McIntyre, Erik Nelson, Elysia, Max Bond, Flinn Vom Axenfels, Jimmy Nimrod, Brooks Light, Michelle Castiaux, Marcus Coleman, Choliver, Dr Grumplewort, and Serdoun.

New Diplomatic Contact: [June 23]
The Empire has extended full diplomatic recognition to the Republic of Atlantis.

Culling of the Inactive: [June 1]
In the month of June, the Aerican Empire conducts the Culling of the Inactive. All citizens are required to reply to an e-mail or otherwise contact the government to confirm that they remain active and are still monitoring their registered e-mail address. If you have no yet confirmed your citizenship, please reach us via the Contact Us form to your left. Failure to reply to the Culling before July 1st will result in termination of your citizenship. If you became a citizen after April 1st 2010, you do NOT have to contact the government at this time. A list of people who have not yet responded has been posted here.

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