Imperial Information Desk
Issue 135
New Citizens Welcomed: [March 25]
Aerica Welcomes Taylor Patrick Shepherd, Valtýr Kári Daníelsson, Anna Eckard, Ian Blakely, Olawale Bashiru, Lisa Sutton, Matthew Spicer, Thaddeus, Orion Ferreira, Andy Fiala, Goan Dusty, Raiden Setsuna Del Treis, Terrian Anthony Huss, T'Palen "Lenna" Voke, Krystal Hill, Riley Calaby, James Richardson, Dennis Zweverink, Brandon "lucy" Lucero, Stephan Joseph Karadja III, Doug Piper, Dark Ace, Duke Alexander of Hammond XXXIII, Sir Christoph, Rablati, Garrett B Wayne, Brian Song, Shawn Everett Swanson, Yusuf, Oisín Dunne, Walker, Kinginler, Franklin Zhao.

New Diplomatic Contacts: [March 13]
Aerica has extended full diplomatic recognition to the Pricipality of Optima.

New Diplomatic Contacts: [March 4]
Aerica has extended full diplomatic recognition to the Free Republic of Alcatraz.

Supreme Court Elections: [March 3]
The new Supreme Court has been elected. The new justices are RadSquirrel, Raven, Will, Quintin Felwitch Zealot, and Dylan Kickass Dasey.

Fifth Annual International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day Contest: [March 1]
The fifth annual International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day contest is now open. This year's contest is to design medals to recognise citizen achievements. Medals may be inspired by "real world" awards (medals of honour, medals of valour) or may be completely ridiculous (medal of most candy penguins able to be stuffed into one's mouth). Winners will be chosen in two categories:

1) Concept Entry: just describe the name and conditions that this medal will be awarded. We are looking for the Silly of course, but also medals and ribbons that commemorate service to the Empire.

2) Design Entry: How will the medal look? The Rules here are that the medal must be able to be homemade at very little to no cost, the idea being the Empire authorizes you to craft and display the medal. If you can make one and take a picture, even better!

Grand prize: should a single medal win in both "concept" and "design" categories, the winner will receive the rare and coveted "Medal-Maker Laureate Medal," an actual physical medal, assuming the winner feels safe providing their postal address. Other prizes to be determined. So once you have a concept for a medal, try building it and vice versa!

Contest ends March 26th, 2010.

Supreme Court Elections (Voting): [March 1]
Voting for supreme court justices Continues. Votes should be sent to the Emperor. The list of nominees is as follows:
Shana Eastberg
Ryan Heaney
Kurt Weres
Michael "Mick" Schmid
C.J. Miller
Quintin Felwitch
Phil C
Dylan Dasey
Jamie Clementi
Danny Lier
Gavin Gray
William Potash
Rad. Squirrel
Roger Craton

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