Imperial Information Desk
Issue 129
Constitutional Amendment Proposed: [September 23]:
An amendment to the constitution has been proposed to legislate that only citizens who have been with the Empire for more than 5 years can become candidates for the position of Emperor. As required by law, this proposal must be placed before the general populace for between two weeks and one month to give all citizens a chance to support or object to it. Go here for details on the proposed amendment.

New Citizens Welcomed: [September 21]:
Aerica Welcomes Andrew Horobin, Marcin Nowak, Don Casey, Acacia Limouges Peters, Tyler Branscum, Will, Nicholas Gismondi, Teal Carter, Anshu Tirumali, Zaku Warrior, Russell De Montfort, and Mr Three.

Aerican Empire Coins: [September 16]:
Plans for the first run of 100 Aerican Empire coins have been finalized and orders are now being taken. Coins will cost $4.00 USD for citizens for the first run. Contact us for details or to place an order.

New Treaty Signed: [September 15]:
Aerica has signed a treaty with Promolands.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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