Imperial Information Desk
Issue 128
New Citizens Welcomed: [August 29]
Aerica Welcomes Pete Mollison, SketchedOutCowboy, Daniel, Timothy Alden, Carmine Rojo Visceratika, Ilia Payomov, Bubbles McGuinty, Mushroom king, Michael Skidmore, Vespa, Manux Lucena, Eduard Victor Dingemanse, Dru thomas, Chuck Breadlove, Kriztov Jarczewski, James Jobe, Pierre LeSimple, and Zachary Boyer.

New Diplomatic Contacts: [August 23]
Aerica has extended full diplomatic recognition to Nolanaan and conditional diplomatic recognition to Eniarku and Kelest, and has upgraded its recognition of Promolands to full diplomatic recognition.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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