Imperial Information Desk
Issue 127
New Citizens Welcomed: [July 20]:
Aerica Welcomes Bryce Carr, Antimony, Tenzin Dakpa, Nico, Tracy Earlenbaugh, Muffinz, Jacob Mansell Smith, Daniel Whyte, Pyrrhus, Mark Saetre, Syed Hamid Ali, Diogenes, Amy Williamson, Scion Reak, Brent Holden, Max, Dr N.M.Dixon Fernando, Archer Corsello, Alvin DelPiero, Dr Davy, Matthew de Souza, Wyatt Shorter, Samuel Louis Holuk, Fluffy Pink Blonde, Cole Notman-Wilmerding, Caitlin R, Jake Collingwood, John Wentworth, Sage Pendall, Ben Sokel, Rafael Fightmaster of Death, Christopher Matthew Circelli, Kurt Michael Andrew Stephen Weres, Bihag Bhatt, and Austyn Johnson.

New Diplomatic Contact: [July 23]
Aerica has extended conditional diplomatic recognition to The Syurdian Empire.

Culling of the Inactive 2009: [July 1]
The Culling is now complete. Go here to view the complete list of culled citizens and here to view the results of the concurrent census.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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