Imperial Information Desk
Issue 126
New Citizens Welcomed: [June 25]:
Aerica Welcomes Jacquelyn Nicole Anderson, Duiarmia, Marcus Cassius Julianus, Brannon Hudson, Brian Condenanza, Mandi Holstenaufberger, I-Wey, Wuss, Sir Phil Osophy, protegé of His Excellency Oscar Wilde, Bryton Misling, David Fuerst Ackles, Garret, Nicholas William VanArsdale (The Brave), Paddy Bog Trotter, Tobias Suggs, Klavius Smith, Jaimes Thorpe, Zyron Dragmir, Wolc Lupin, Dormaphaea, Jamie Lynn, Christopher Shawaluk, Toxtoth O Grady, Timucin Aydogdu, Brian Dudley, ilya42, Russell Thornham, Bertrand Thibert, Lavernius Tucker, Donald Masse, Colonel, Jefter Alika, Axel Woodstock, and Sargeant Whoopass, Supreme commander of the military relations of the pasture.

Constitution Amended: [June 10]
The Constitution has been amended. The procedures for the impeachment of a Senator (Article 1, Section 2, Clause 7) have been clarified.

New Government of Earth (The Finale): [June 10]
Geof Denn has been elected first Governor of Earth. A veteran of several Cullings, Geof assumes this historic position with the full confidence of the Imperial Senate and the people of Earth.

New Treaty Signed: [June 10]
The Empire has signed a Bilateral Recognition Treaty Of Friendship, Peace and Co-Operation with the Cisalpina Republic.

Culling of the Inactive 2009: [June 1]
In the month of June, the Aerican Empire conducts the Culling of the Inactive. All citizens are required to reply to an e-mail or otherwise contact the government to confirm that they remain active and are still monitoring their registered e-mail address. If you have no yet confirmed your citizenship, please send a letter to culling at aericanempire dot com as soon as possible. Failure to reply to the Culling before July 1st will result in termination of your citizenship.

In addition, we are taking this opportunity to conduct a census of the population. Please take a moment to complete the questions below so that we can remain aware of our demographics. Answering these questions are not required to maintain your citizenship.
Macronation of residence:
Employment (includes student, homemaker, unemployed, etc):
Religion/philosophy (if any):

New Government of Earth: [June 1]
Nominations are still ongoing for a few more days to see who will be the first Governor of Earth. Send in your name now!

Holidays and Niftydays:

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