Imperial Information Desk
Issue 125
New Citizens Welcomed [May 27]:
Aerica Welcomes Nagam, Eugene Khvalkov, Scott Ryan Delaney, Vegeta, Andy Taylor, Jack Aerican, Pavitra, Brandon "Quazie" Kwaselow, Steven Magnuson, Brennan "Velvet Typhoon" McGuire, Ryan Mounce, Kona Fearne, Douglas Scott, Avi Brand, Pushkar Pradeep Sane, Dr Richard Gorrara, and Alex Giles.

New Government of Earth: [May 26]
The people have spoken, and the ruler of Earth shall henceforth be known as the Governor. For one week, until approximately June 2nd, all earthlings are now invited to put forward their names to be in the running for election of the governor. Once nominations have been received, citizens will have a further 2 weeks to vote for the candidate of their choice.

New Diplomatic Contacts: [May 21]
The Empire has extended full diplomatic recognition to the Kingdom of Teraso and conditional diplomatic recognition to The People's Republic of Steve.

New Government of Earth: [May 12]
Citizens of Earth are invited to vote on choosing a title for the colony's new leader. All Earth citizens are hereby given two weeks (from now until May 26th, plus or minus a day or so) to cast a vote for what they think the job should be called. SOme choices include "governor," "potentate," "iizaana," "mtawala," and "shangsi." Votes may be made over the mailing list, or may be sent to Senator Nathan Maron of Earth. Once a title has been chosen, a person will be elected to hold the post.

Earth Launches New Website: [May 8]
The citizens of Earth have launched a website for their own colony, expressing their unique culture and flavour. Go see it here.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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