Imperial Information Desk
Issue 124
New Citizens Welcomed [April 20]:
Aerica Welcomes Kyle Duguid, Sutailja, Lucy Lui, Tetsuo Kaneda Beckwith, Paul Walshe, Arielle Dubay, Youallijav , Kjerstin Wittwer, Tétas , Elisa Palacios, Joseph Leddin, X-Ninji, Malaclypse, Ace O'Killalot, Tony Valentino , Helene Basson, Andrew Alfieri, Alden Jane Coldwell, Zakary Stromquist, Oshayr De Zwirek, Claudio A. Cortes, Brog, Michael Jennings, Onur Mentes, Chacho, Jane, Jeffrey Boyd Garrison, Caitlin Gee, Joel Sugarman, Demitri Vandelouse, Burninglily, Sandy Rose, Donald, Vaibhav Mishra, Billie Mays Roberts III, Matt Lloyd McFarland, Jericho Vaughan, Xavier Martin Arbonies, Blaine Trideska, Gustav Hjärtmyr, Dirk O'Ryan, Viscount Rumsbottle Q. Picaninny, Kaiwren107, Mark Ingalls, Carson, Thomas Grealy, Tyler Casebolt, Roland Yue Fang, Philippe Couturier, Mohammad Usman Khan, Zachary Jones, Rexx Valent, Conor Hughes, and Joseph Halatyn.

Fourth Annual International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day Contest: [April 1]
The votes have been tabulated. 18 citizens voted for their favourite poster, with a clear winner by a full 50% of votes. To see the winner, go here.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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