Imperial Information Desk
Issue 123
New Citizens Welcomed: [March 26]
Aerica Welcomes Conor Harris, Jensling, Rodrigo Amarante Colpo, Hippolyta, Andrés Felipe Carrillo-Rodríguez, Alfrec, Eric Mathew Yearian, The Boctor, Kara (Raemi) Taveras, Nathan Wesly Wolf, Patrick F Wolfe Jr, Samuel Béland, Mitchell Cooper, Maree Basson, Laura Smith, Josh Reas, Miz Parker, Trigo Trod, and Nolan Waters.

Fourth Annual International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day Contest: [March 25]
Submissions are now over for the contest. Any interested citizen can view the 4 posters at (edit: link no longer works) and vote as to which they think is best, using whatever criteria they like (the funniest, the best-made, the most creative, the one selected by your random-number-generator, etc). Voting ends March 31st.

Fourth Annual International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day Contest: [March 1]
The Fourth Annual International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day contest has begun. In years past we've asked you to go out on scavenger hunts, to make videos of yourself, and to write songs. This year, we're going to test your skills in a whole different artistic field: photomanipulation! Welcome to the 2009 "Make Us A Poster" contest. Any interested citizens have between March 1st and March 25th to create a poster in honour (and shameless advertisement) of International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. Posters may be of any size and shape but should be smaller than 2 megabytes. Posters need not be printed, as they should be submitted as jpg or gif files, or as digital pictures taken of an actual physical poster. The poster need not refer to any specific year or contest (although it can if you want). The winning design will be used as the official graphic for next year's fifth anniversary contest, and (if creator permission is given) will be made available as a piece of merchandise in the Aerican cafepress store.
The prize:
The creator of the winning entry may select one of the following prizes:
-A hand-painted "Defender of the Biscuits" Warhammer 40K Space Marine
-An email address of their choice
-A free piece of Cafepress merchandise with their graphic on it (item chosen must cost less than $30)

Holidays and Niftydays:

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