Imperial Information Desk
Issue 120
New Citizens Welcomed [December 25]:
Aerica Welcomes FragMan! A. Huygens, Teixi, Citizen Goose, Cap'n Crusty, Thomas Barron, William Potash, Kim, Hye-Chan, Elle Marie, Talia, Erikrat Khandnalie, C. Van Putten, Musical Anarchy, Professor Jive, Ugur Soylu, AkkerKid, Ozymandias, Mary, Levi Crawford, Wolfe, David Bodek, and Anders Nilsson.

New Diplomatic Contacts [December 25]:
The Empire has extended full diplomatic recognition to the Principality of New Texas and the Nation of Lamia and conditional diplomatic recognition to Flandrensis and The Democratic Duchy of Francisville.

New Treaty [December 5]:
The Empire has signed a treaty of mutual recognition with the Principality of New Texas.

New Forum Started [December]:
As an experiment, Imperial citizens are invited to try using an Aerican message forum,

Holidays and Niftydays:

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