Imperial Information Desk
Issue 118
New Citizens Welcomed [October 27]:
Aerica Welcomes Angelo F. Bruschera, Lawrence Lakshmanan, Natasia Noble, Aidan Davis, Gelsamel, Roberto Jaime Gúzman Moreno, Ronald Butts, Erica Boni, Nicola Hassapis, Yargison Blargington, Charlotte Pepper, Justin Alexander Herbert, Saint, Auriela McEnzie, David Moore, Awesome Man, Eric Lantz, Mike Sowell, Oliver Howe, and John Connall.

Poetry Contest Results: [October 27]
The results of the June Formal Aerican Poetry Ball have been announced. Go here to see them.

Constitutional Amendments: [October 13]
After a lengthy period of discussion the Imperial Constitution has been significantly rewritten. The new version is easier to read, better formatted, better organized, and clarifies process, procedure, and law. View the new constitution here.

Census: [October 9]
The results of the 2008 census are now online. View them here.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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