Imperial Information Desk
Issue 116
New Diplomatic Contacts: [August 30]
Aerica has extended conditional diplomatic recognition to the Republic of Elysium.

New Citizens Welcomed [August 27]:
Aerica Welcomes Ikku Bonaparte, Lee Hedges, Jack MacDee, Maria A, Matthew Lewis, Joce of the jungle, Krishnadas Dwija, Mark Reed, Amy Malpass, Gilder Gilder, CJ Miller, Baron Walker, Cassie Xie, Jessica Hunt, Third Leg Louie, Emily "Evie" Varner, Knightly Bob of the Sixteenth Dimension, Alex Sauniere, Kirsten Krueger, Monty Gray, and Jehanzeb De Bruijn Van Den Hoogenband.

Census: [August 26]
Since the last Census was unfortunately lost, the Northern Plutopian Institute of Statistics has decided to hold a new one. Preferably copy the questionnaire below into a Word document and write your answers directly under the corresponding questions. Then either copy the whole document into an email or (preferably) attach it to an email as a doc file and send it to knightofthecalculus at, using the subject line "Census".
Please answer these truthfully, as they will be used for statistical reasons. 1) What is your age?
2) What is your gender?
3) What macro-nation do you live in?
4) What is your mother language?
5) How many languages do you speak? (OPTIONAL: What languages are those?)
6) How often do you check the email account that this is sent to?
a) Constantly - I always leave the net on and I have popup.
b) Same as a, but only during office/set hours.
c) Three or more times a day
d) Daily
e) Three or more times a week
f) Once a week
g) Once in a while
7) How long have you been a member of the Aerican Empire (to the best of your knowledge)?
8) Are you left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous?
9) How did you first find out about the Aerican Empire (in 10 words or less)?
10) Out of the following, which would currently describe your current status? (Working, student, looking for work, domestic duties, retired, other - please name)
11) What operating system are you currently using? (If you don't know, it's probably Windows XP or Vista)
12) What method of transport do you mainly use? (Public; car; motorcycle; bicycle; walking; other - please name)
13) Do you know or have you met an Aerican citizen in real life?
14) In 25 words or less, what do you like about the Aerican Empire?
15) In 25 words or less, what do you think could be improved about the Aerican Empire?
16) Would you theoretically want to participate in the Empire's government?
17) What genre movies do you prefer?
18) What genre books do you usually read?
19) OPTIONAL - use no more than three words to describe your spirituality. (Examples include: agnostic, atheist, Sillinist, Christian, Buddhist, Pastafarian, Jedi, Hindu)
20) Do the doors in your home have knobs or handles?

Truth and inventiveness are appreciated in answering the next questions, but don't be overly silly. For example, the answer for question one needn't be, "Bananas!"
1) Are you a sock-sock-shoe-shoe or a sock-shoe-sock-shoe person?
2) What does your breakfast consist of?
3) Toilet paper - do you scrunch or fold?
4) What is your favorite living thing?
5) What is the most unusual thing you have eaten?
6) Answer the following question: why?
7) Define the universe in five words.
8) What dinosaur would you be?
9) Who is someone you would love to hit with a halibut?
10) Jeans - left leg first, or right leg?
12) Coats - left arm first, right arm first, or both together?
13) Eating soup - describe the dipping motion of your spoon into the soup bowl.
14) Eating pizza - with utensils, or without? What part first?
15) Pepsi, coke, or absolutely something else?
17) Favourite hot beverage?
18) Favourite item beginning with the letter k?
19) What do you ideally and realistically want for Christmas this year?
20) What is your current opinion of penguins?

New Senators Elected: [August 24]
The results of the Senate by-election are in. Parrwater: Bethanie and Michael. Mars: Flyyn. Congratulations!

New Treaty: [August 21]
The Empire has signed the Treaty of Bobborough with Bobalania.

New Diplomatic Contacts: [August 21]
Aerica has extended full diplomatic recognition to Bobalania and The Free Principality of Carrassia.

New Ambassador Appointed [August 1]:
Quintin Felwitch Zealot has been appointed Ambassador to Mexico.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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