Imperial Information Desk
Issue 113
New Citizens Welcomed [May 28]:
Aerica Welcomes Jessimicar McLollyPants, Jeremy Dawson, and Breederland, Tyler Hewitt, Natalie Ashley, Xiao Li, Accordion Pillager, Sorren Christopher Hanvey, David Lewis, Nini, Richard, Husband-Consort of Princess Bethanie, Aria, Grey Validissimus Fox, Ian Evans, Brodes McCool, Lazer Pan, Frank Scagli, Travis, Bob, Fenghar The Nord, Richard McHugh, JoeV, Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partrigde, Muffles, M. Hoo Ha, Michael A. Pennell, Erueti Stacey Brown, Dan Wigglesworth, Ehron, Moe Lester, Marc "Farcles" Risenmay, Brandon Stringer, Buhdxxzzzie, Shane Allen, Brandon Bainter, Joe Garnett, and Patrick Stringer.

New Ambassadors Exchanged [May 17]:
Elias Herring has been named ambassador to Jaconia. His opposite number is Jaconian co-Emperor Nathan.

New Contest [May 14]:
The June Formal Aerican Poetry Ball is now being organized. Get all the details!

New Treaty [May 12]:
The Empire has signed a treaty with the Empire of Jaconia. This Treaty of Jacwan sets forth terms for dual citizenship and the exchange of ambassadors.

Aerica Turns 21 [May 8]:
Today, the Empire celebrates its 21st anniversary. In honour of the day, the Proud to be Aerican graphic on the main page has been updated for the first time in two years. The old graphic has been added to the Museum of Culture and Stuff alongside its predecessor from 2001. New Colony Accepted [May 6]:
May 6th will henceforth mark the day that Parrwater colony way accepted into the Aerican Empire. The new colony, a reservoir in Canada, is a welcome addition to the Empire's borders. Michael N. Mazur, King of the Figurehead Royal Family, has been named the first Senator.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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